Class 5 Pre-Test

Please take the time to complete the Pre-Test below before beginning the course. For each proficiency below, mark the appropriate box to your skill level. Be honest in your answers, you are not graded on what you know, or don't know! You will take a post-test at the end of the course to see your improvement from the beginning of the course.

Proficiency Uh, oh. What's this? I've seen this before I've done this I could teach it!
Define a portfolio        

Identify portfolio formats

List advantages/disadvantages of electronic/digital portfolios versus traditional        
Describe typical uses of a student portfolio        
Describe typical components of a student portfolio        
Describe typical uses of a professional teaching portfolio        
Describe typical components of a professional teaching portfolio        
Define the term "portfolio artifact"        
Identify at least four different types of software that can be used for portfolio creation        
Identify at least one strength and one weakness for each of the four you listed above        
Identify at least four considerations when choosing appropriate portfolio storage options        
Identify at least four types of storage media options for portfolios        
Describe at least three different ways for converting existing artifacts to a digital format        
Identify advantage of using Adobe Acrobat Portable Document Format (PDF)        
Define a reflective artifact        
Create a rubric for portfolio evaluation        

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